Connecting with my clients and their families is what makes all of the work worth it. Of course I love hearing about all of the acceptance letters that roll in. However, more than that, it's immensely gratifying to learn of the eased tension, increased connection, and authentic pride that my clients and families feel after we work together. 

What they are saying

"I'm so excited. This feels!"

Rihanna, current client

"You were so insanely helpful to work with and I’m sure other kids will really benefit...Yale is even better than I imagined!"

Morgan, E.D Yale

"Katherine somehow understood exactly what was in my head, and helped me discover the best way to express my ideas."

Alex, California Institute of the Arts

Feel understood

Feel Supported

Feel at ease

Student testimonials

"I cannot thank you enough for your help and encouragement. He just let me read [her son's essay]!! is so beautiful and powerful!"

Tina, parent

"You are a miracle worker...Thank heavens we met you :) So grateful"

Mary Jo, parent

"I am so glad you are involved! We’ve sat down a couple of times together and I’ve looked at his revisions but OMG he just is not open to feedback from me....Thank you!"

Heather, parent

Feel relieved

Feel excited

Feel connected

Parent testimonials